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School Based Truancy Court Program

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School based Truancy Court is a community collaboration led by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. The purpose of the program is to eliminate barriers to regular school attendance, provide comprehensive support services to students with excessive absences, and assist families with developing important connections with schools.
Mission Statement:

The mission of Truancy Court is to improve student attendance in a nurturing manner that builds relationships between students, families, schools and the community.

The program, led by school social workers, offers parents and students the opportunity to examine the root causes of attendance problems and resolve the issues that create barriers to regular school attendance.

School Based Truancy Court Program Information:
This program is an intervention offered in some schools before official district prosecution is pursued. Students and parents are invited to participate in an eight week, intensive program with District and Superior Court judges.

The assigned Judge, school social worker and other support staff make up the truancy team at each school site and work with students and families to develop a comprehensive plan to address their needs. The team uses a Restorative Practice approach to offer support to participants.

The Objectives of Truancy Court

  • Decrease unexcused absences;
  • Decrease excessive absences;
  • Decrease excessive tardiness;
  • Link students and families with critical school-based and community resources 
  • Collaborate with parents and families to facilitate parent engagement in their child's educational experience.

The Truancy Court program is coordinated by:

Marina Leonidas

School-Based Truancy Court Specialist