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Reaching more students and building teacher capacity by leveraging excellent teacher-leaders...

How it all started...

With the help of a Belk Foundation grant from 2013 to 2016, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools partnered with Public Impact (PI) and Education Resource Strategies (ERS) to utilize innovative classroom re-design models that offer highly-effective teachers opportunities to advance in their careers without leaving the classroom, positively impact academic achievement for more students, ​build capacity among their teams, and earn more money. Since 2016, the Success by Design program has flourished to support over three-dozen schools, created a sustainable professional development plan for teacher-leaders and school-leaders, and created a talent pool process to ensure only the very best educators are offered teacher-leadership opportunities for more pay. Success by Design is now supporting its 5th cohort of schools and continues to grow each year.

How are we doing it?

Schools participating in the Success by Design program think strategically and innovatively about how to optimally organize their resources—time, people, and money. As a result, the cohorts of schools within the district that participate in Success by Design have a significant increase in the number of students receiving instruction from an excellent teacher and are seeing benefits of increased student achievement and teacher capacity. Strategic design plans enable our Success by Design schools to offer, and sustain, teaching models which allow excellent teacher-leaders to reach more students, support more teachers, and advance in their careers while getting paid more for their extra responsibilities.


Teaching Model Resource Pages:

  • Time-Technology Swap (Website Link)
  • Click on the "Teaching Models" PowerPoint below to learn more.


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The Roles

There are 5 licensed teacher-leader roles and 1 support role, each compensated on an advanced scale. Click here to visit the SbD Data page.


Schools reallocate their current resources (time, people, money) in order to implement and sustain these innovative models and roles. 


Training & Support

Professional development is provided to school-leaders as well as teacher-leaders accepted into the talent pool.
​Participating schools in each cohort attend three full-day Design Sessions to learn about Success by Design and how to create a design that is aligned to a school improvement goal. They learn to sustain their design within current school budgets. Principals in new cohorts are also invited to visit existing cohort schools in the district to see the other schools' designs in action.
All candidates accepted into the Success by Design talent pool receive professional development to support their success as teacher-leaders. ​Additionally, candidates hired into teacher-leader roles receive job-embedded coaching and are also offered opportunities to job-shadow other successful staff in their same role.