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Bright Beginnings and NC Pre-K

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed to provide a child-centered, literacy focused curriculum to prepare children for success in Kindergarten and beyond. Four year olds who have been identified through a screening and selection process participate in a full day program.

To apply, for the 2019-20 school year your child must be age 4 on or before August 31, 2019 and live in Mecklenburg county. You may schedule a screening appointment by calling 980-343-5950 or by clicking on the link :


Para aplicar, para el año escolar 2019-20, su hijo debe tener 4 años de edad antes del 31 de agosto de 2019 y vivir en el condado de Mecklenburg. Puede programar una cita de evaluación llamando al 980-343-5950  o haciendo clic en el enlace:


The Pre-Kindergarten Program serves approximately 4712 students in 262 classrooms. The Bright Beginnings program, is located in 53 Charlotte Mecklenburg elementary schools. The NC Pre-K program includes 82 classrooms located in 31 community based high quality child care sites.

The Pre-Kindergarten curriculum, Creative Curriculum 5th Ed., offers academic, personal, and interpersonal experiences that are essential to school success.


How are students selected to participate in Pre-Kindergarten?

Eligibility and Placement

Bright Beginnings Pre-K serves 3,240 eligible four- year-old students who have a demonstrated education al need and are at risk of failing to meet North Carolina’s performance standards. Eligibility for participation in the Bright Beginnings program is determined through a screening process, which includes the administration of the Brigance Early Childhood Screening, a parent survey, parent interview and an observation by the person who screens the child. Each child receives a score which indicates the level of educational need and children with the greatest educational needs are placed first. The placement process continues until all spaces are filled. Pre-K is fully inclusive, some spaces are reserved for children who have disabilities but have not participated in the screening.

NC Pre-K serves an additional 1,738 children in high quality community based child-care centers and nonprofit preschools. Eligibility for NC Pre-K is based on the family size and gross income.* Placement priority is given to children who received no prior early education services outside the home in a group setting.

Many children are eligible for both NC Pre-K and Title I.

NC Pre-K Requirements and Guidance

A child that meets the age requirements (four years old on or before August 31, 2019) is eligible if the child is from a family whose gross income is at or below 75% of the State Median Income level.

* Income eligibility is based on family size gross income, as demonstrated below:

C. Eligibility for Families at or below 75% of State Median Income

Income eligibility for NC Pre-K is determined by family size and gross income.


Family Size

75 Percent State Median Income

























Effective SFY 2019-2020


Parent Involvement

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Pre-Kindergarten Programs provide a rich, child-centered, literacy-focused program that incorporates and encourages regular parent involvement. We invite parent involvement through:

• Home Visits
• Parent Orientation
• Parent - Teacher Conferences
• Classroom Visits
• Volunteering
• Parent Workshops and Training
• Family Reading program


Resource Downloads (NC Pre-K Committee Documents)