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Office of Student Wellness and Academic Support

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Office of Student Wellness and Academic Support  
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Dr. Cotrane Penn, Executive Director, Student Services 
Mary Towe, Director of Student Services


Social Emotional Supports
In need of school counseling information?
School Counseling website

How do we teach social emotional skills in schools?
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
Is your child having behavioral difficulties?
Need to know about school-based mental health services?

Are you concerned about bullying?

Please report your concern anonymously here.


Do you need information about what classes your student should take, college advisement, or graduation requirements?
School Counseling

Is your student struggling with reading, writing, or math?

Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)
School Psychology website

Is your student struggling with organizational skills, time management, or other critical skills that impact academics?
School Counseling website
School Psychology website

Social and Emotional Learning


Home & Family

  1. Are you homeless or doubled-up with another family?
    McKinney-Vento website

  2. In need of food assistance or other community supports?
    School Social Work website

  3. Does your student have attendance problems?
    Truancy website

    Section 504 website
    School Social Work website

  4. Do you need to talk with someone about your child’s behavioral challenges at home?
    School Psychology website


Does your student have a medical condition that may impact them at school?
Section 504 website
Coordinated School Health
Need support getting medical care or immunizations?
Immunization information

Worried about your student’s mental health?
Scool Based Mental Health
Crisis Support Resources

Think your student may have a problem with drugs, alcohol, e-cigarettes, or vaping?
Student Assistance Program (SAP) website