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Office of Diversity and Inclusion

As part of the Superintendent's Office, and under the guidance of the Chief Ombudsman, the Diversity Office delivers cultural competency training to staff, offers support to district leadership on diversity related issues, serves as a liaison with various ethnic and cultural groups, and keeps the district abreast of the latest research on diversity and cultural proficiency efforts.

Organizational Commitment

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education is committed to a world class school system which supports educational excellence regardless of race, gender, national origin, different abilities, or religion. Equitable academic programs and services which respond to the needs of a diverse student population and which prepare all students for a changing workplace and pluralistic society are essential. (Policy IFC)
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education and CMS administration and staff is committed to providing equal access to excellent educational opportunities for all its students in all its schools. (Policy ADA)

Diversity Initiatives

Interfaith Advisory  Council
The interfaith Advisory Council (IAC) is a diverse group of religious community leaders who serve in an advisory capacity to the Superintendent.  Its members offer a support mechanism for the ongoing work of public education.

Cultural Awareness
Workshops to enhance the capacity of staff to be effective in providing a high-quality education for all students

*CMS staff continuously looks for ways to enhance the district’s ability foster an environment that is welcoming and engaging for all people.  Our goal is to promote and inspire students and staff for participation and leadership in a pluralistic society.

Internship/Volunteering Opportunities

The Diversity Office provides internship and volunteer opportunities to individuals interested in enhancing its outreach efforts.

Diversity Internship
The Diversity Intern position provides a hands-on experience to the many facets of diversity.  This non-paid position offers the opportunity to learn from and contribute to diversity-related strategies in CMS.

Diversity Resource Team
You can be part of a great group of individuals who are passionate about providing all of our students with an excellent educational opportunity.