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How To Volunteer As A Reading Partner

Complete the confidential Volunteer Registration application located here....




At Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, literacy is the most important skill we teach. Literacy is the foundation for academic success from pre-kindergarten through high school. We are committed to ensuring that every child is reading on grade level or higher by third grade in order to achieve academic success all the way to high school graduation. Literacy is our North Star, our guiding light in all that we do for every student in every school – and we have made a district-wide commitment to supporting literacy.

As part of that commitment, we are asking the community at large, local and regional businesses and other organizations to join us in nurturing literacy. For some students, school is a seamless journey where one success builds the support for another, and another. Some students need extra help. We are asking you to join us in meeting the individual needs of every student through the North Star Reading Partners Initiative.

Working together, we can help each student become a stronger, more confident reader. We are asking you to become mentors and reading buddies – to make a commitment to one child for one hour once a week. Your time and your care can make a tremendous difference to one student, so please become a North Star Reading Partner.

All reading partners must be registered as CMS volunteers. If you’re interested in becoming a reading partner, you can begin the process below.

One child. One hour. Once a week. With your commitment, we can help every student become a better reader. Every student deserves the chance to succeed and I hope you will join us to make that happen as a North Star Reading Partner.​


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