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Learning and Teaching

What Matters Most for the Learning and Teaching Department is to ensure that every student in CMS has access to a rich, diverse and rigorous curriculum. (Goal 2 of the Strategic Plan).  In order to achieve this goal, our team commits to analyzing current research of effective instructional practices and curating or creating curriculum that is relevant, rigorous and aligned to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. 
The Learning and Teaching team provides language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health, physical education, and world languages curriculum resources to all CMS schools and professional development to our teachers.  The instructional resources we provide include curriculum guides and lessons for teachers, print/textbooks, online Canvas courses, and digital resources for students. 
Our mission is to incorporate the following global competencies within our curriculum to ensure our students are college and/or career ready to actively and productively engage a global society:
  • Investigate the world beyond their immediate environment
  • Recognize perspectives, others and their own
  • Communicate ideas effectively with diverse audiences
  • Take action to improve conditions
We also strive to make sure our curriculum is culturally relevant and representative of our student population, our community and our world.  Through our curriculum resources and instructional support, our goal is to help teachers to teach students in ways that reflect their cultures, identities and experiences. (Strategy 1: Action #3)