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Professional Learning and Leadership

CMS Professional Learning Departments have been aligned as a component of our Human Resources division to support employees through the trajectory of their careers. 
Beginning Teacher Development and Support - This team is dedicated to supporting the unique needs of teachers in their first three years of experience as well as their mentors.  
Personalized Digital Learning - 
National Board Certification Support Program - 
Teacher Leadership Pathways - 
Leadership Development - 
Learn more about each of our teams and the supports offered. 




Catherine Poling

Executive Director, Professional Learning & Leadership Development


Renée Golz

Director, Beginning Teacher Development & Support


Erin Shoemaker

Director, Digital Innovation & Personalized Professional Learning 


Jessica Gordon

Director, Leadership Development


Nakia Thomas

Senior Administrative Secretary 



Lynn Sturdivant

Office Manager 



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Monica Miller

Senior Administrative Secretary - Spaugh