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How Severe Weather Affects Departments

Central offices are open on Code A and Code B days.

Twelve-month employees who are unable to travel safely may use an annual leave day or take a day without pay. On a Code C day, essential staff, as defined by the superintendent or designee, will report to work (provided they are able to travel safely). If schools open two hours late, all employees report to work at their usual times. Senior managers (director level and above) are responsible for familiarizing employees with procedures for optional workdays and required annual leave days.

Teacher Assistants will not work on Teacher Workdays.
Teacher Assistants may not use Annual Leave on Teacher Workdays.


Cafeteria staff will not work when schools are closed.

Cafeteria staff may use annual leave or take the day without pay. Holiday kitchen-check procedures are in effect during school closings. If schools are closed for an extended time, managers should check kitchens as soon as it is safe to travel. If schools open on a two-hour delay, all employees report to work at their usual times.


Bus drivers will not work when schools are closed.

If schools open late, bus drivers will begin their morning routes two hours later than normal; afternoon bus routes will not change. If schools are dismissed early, all buses will start the routes early but follow the usual route sequence unless otherwise notified.


After-School Enrichment and before-school programs will not operate when schools are closed.

Before-school programs will operate on a regular schedule when schools open late. The after-school program will not operate if school is dismissed early. When early dismissal is required, After-School Enrichment staff will collaborate with principals to notify parents that children must be picked up at the home school, rather than an ASEP location. Should weather conditions become severe while students are in ASEP, parents will be encouraged to pick up their children as soon as possible but the programs will remain open until 6 p.m.


Custodial staff will report to work on Code A and Code B days.

Custodians designated essential personnel will report on Code C days, provided they are able to travel safely. Custodians are to begin removing ice and snow from sidewalks as soon as possible and they must also inspect parking lots, sidewalks, trees for broken limbs, mobile classrooms, power/water/boiler rooms, bathrooms and pipes, and check that there is hot water in the cafeteria. If unable to reach the school safely, the custodian must notify the principal.