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If you are new to the CMS webmaster role or unfamiliar with the evolution of our website platforms, it is important to read the following.


For several years the district website, all district department websites, the MyCMS intranet and all school websites have been designed in Microsoft SharePoint and fell under the ownership of the CMS Student Applications and Web Development department. With the launch of this new website, all public-facing WWW and school websites will be under the ownership and guidance of the CMS Communications department using a platform called Edlio. It is important to note that the MyCMS Intranet design and functionality will remain 100% "as is" and continue to be under the CMS Student Applications and Web Development department.



CMS Communications has built an in-depth Google Sites tutorial website. This website will be the official location for all district and school webmasters to learn about Edlio and how to perform their webmaster duties. Since the training material is considered property of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and for internal use only, we needed to give CMS employees a way to access that link privately.
Therefore, you will need to go to this CMS Intranet webpage, (after you verify your identity with your CMS login), to access the link for the tutorial website:



What is Edlio?
Edlio is an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) packed with features developed specifically for K-12 schools and districts. Edlio has experience providing this platform to over 9,000 schools nationwide.
Is the Edlio platform difficult to learn?
Edlio is one the easiest web design platforms to learn. Much of it is based around a drag-and-drop interface that can easily add files, photos and videos. Unlike SharePoint, the webmaster will no longer have to worry about behind-the-scenes folders such as Pages, Documents, Images or a check-in and publish procedure. In Edlio, the content is either on the page or it is not. You can learn more about specific Edlio tutorials and webinars on their Help Center page.
I could not find an answer to my problem on the Edlio Help Center. Now what?
Some issues you will encounter are CMS specific and not related to the use of Edlio. Once the new websites are live, the CMS Communications team will now be in the CMS MySupport portal (Cherwll) to field specific questions you may have in regards to your website. Please place your ticket CMS Website Support and then choose your correct platform. Please note the CMS Intranet and ALL questions related to it fall under the CMS Student Applications SharePoint web team and not CMS Communications.
I am currently a department webmaster on WWW (Internet) and MyCMS (Intranet). Will I still need to know SharePoint?
That depends. If you are currently a webmaster for both your department's Internet (WWW) website and the department's Intranet (MyCMS) website then yes, you will still need to know both platforms. Otherwise, you will only need to know the Edlio platform.