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Dear Students...

Congratulations on embarking on a service learning experience!

If you do not have a clear idea of what you would like to do, you can start on the Community Issues page. There you will find a list of topics with relevant links that can help you consider what interests you might like to explore.

If you know what you would like to do for your service learning, and would like to propose a project so that others may join you, complete this form on this page.

You can explore other service projects to see if something matches your needs and interests.  Look for them on the Current Projects page.

Look at the links provided to gather ideas or to volunteer.

Keep in mind:

  • Make sure you have permission to participate from your parents and school before you begin any project.
  • Choose a project that is relevant to your area of study.
  • Understand the time and monetary (if any) commitment you are making before you begin.
  • Collect evidence as you work on your project. Don’t wait until it is over to take pictures, gather signatures, etc. for your portfolio.
  • Keep a log of your time and efforts.