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Frequently Asked Questions


What if I can’t think of anything to do for my required service project?       

There are so many ideas on the websites that are included on the links page. Take some time and explore those pages to see if that helps spark your thinking.


It might help to keep a few guiding questions in mind:

  • Is this something I care about?
  • Is this a problem in my community?
  • Would I like to know more about this?
  • Do I complain about this issue?
  • Might I already have some ideas for how to solve this problem?


What if I can’t travel to do a service project?

Consider what you can do within your sphere of influence. Do you belong to any groups, organizations, twitter feeds, blogs, etc? How can you use those networks to build awareness or address your chosen issue? There are many things that don’t require extra travel. Perhaps you can consider teaching  someone a new skill, like tutoring in your favorite subject during lunch, or teaching a grandparent how to Skype with long-distance relatives, or blogging about an issue to build awareness.


What if someone is already doing a good project in my field of interest?

Consider offering your expertise or effort in their cause. Joining an existing cause has merit. You can expand on the central idea, or modify it to fit the needs of another group. The important point is that you actively participate in a service project. You can take an active leadership role in an existing project. If you are required to create one on your own, you will find lots of ideas on this site.