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Counseling Personnel

The School Counseling Specialist and the Elementary School Counseling Coordinator provide central office support to school counselors in all CMS elementary, middle, and high schools. These positions provide leadership, professional supervision, training, and support in the areas of academic, personal/social, and career development of CMS students. In addition, these positions represent school counselors to the community, and consult with parents and members of the CMS community as requested.

Elementary School Counselors work to facilitate success in the school setting and promote a positive learning environment for all students. The counselor assists students, parents, and staff with educational, social, emotional, and career development. Elementary counselors provide guidance lessons in classrooms, short-term individual and group counseling, collaboration and consultation with teachers and other school staff, conferences with parents and others involved in the student’s life, coordination of character education and service-learning events, and work with students and families to eliminate barriers to learning.

High School Counselors work with students in grades 9-12. The high school counselor is usually assigned to work with students in a certain alphabet range. This person has expert knowledge of high school graduation requirements and college entry guidelines. They will help ensure that students are meeting the graduation requirements. Counselors help in various ways when academic or other problems arise. High School Counselors also communicate with colleges for students who are applying for or seeking a scholarship.

Middle School Counselors work with students in grades 6-8. In most middle schools, the counselors are assigned by grade level. These counselors are involved in the previously mentioned tasks. Many middle school counselors, in addition to individual counseling, lead or co-lead support groups and do classroom guidance. As the middle schools are organized in teams, the middle school counselor meets and consults on a regular basis with grade level teams. Counselors are generally the contact person on their grade level for parents and agencies relative to academic concerns or social emotional issues.