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Research, Evaluation & Analytics

The  Research, Evaluation, and Analytics (REA) Department conducts and reviews research and evaluation studies, performs data analyses and creates visualizations that support district decision-making, conducts surveys, and consults with internal and external parties on research methodology, data analyses, and best practices in education. Specifically, REA:
  • Conducts research and evaluation studies to inform district decision-making about the efficacy of programs and initiatives designed to increase and support student achievement.
  • Reviews external research projects proposed by university faculty, graduate students, and other professional entities to ensure sound methodology, ethical practices, and potential benefit to CMS
  • Collaborates with community partners and internal constituents to review and provide education and guidance on proposed data use and analysis.
  • Designs and administers surveys to collect feedback from stakeholders.
  • Analyzes education data and creates summaries and visualizations.
  • Conducts the analyses for and writes the annual Breaking the Link report.
  • Partners with the READS Lab at Harvard University to improve teaching and learning in early literacy
Lindsay Messinger
Director, Research, Evaluation, and Analytics