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ASEP Shuttle Stop Locations and Payment Policy


ASEP Shuttle Stop Locations

Barnette Croft David Cox Endhaven Highland Creek Lake Wylie
Long Creek McAlpine McKee Paw Creek Piney Grove Reedy Creek

Program Fees

A $47 family registration fee is required at time of initial registration and is non-refundable/non-transferable. A re-enrollment fee of $47 is charged anytime there is a break in service. A week where the student has been absent five consecutive program days without receiving payment, the student is absent five consecutive program days without prior notification from a parent/guardian as well as non-payment of weekly fees on payment due dates constitutes a break in service and is subject to re-registration fee. To be eligible for re-enrollment into the ASEP program, there has to be space available, all outstanding fees must be paid in full prior to the student participation.

To view the fees chart, click here.

Shuttle Stop Student Fees

Students who are shuttled to an ASEP program attend for shorter periods. Fees for services of after-school care are $40/week per child. Fees for full-day teacher workdays are $25 per day.

Fee Payment Policy: Fees are due on or before Monday of the week of care. Fees may be paid in advance for any period of time. The full weekly fee is due on Monday regardless of the number of days a student attends. Fees are pro-rated at the start of the school year for incoming Pre-K and Kindergarten students because of CMS’ staggered entry. Payments may be made online only with debit/credit card, prepaid credit card or ACH check. ASEP does not accept ACH checks with amounts greater than $500. On-site payment methods such as money orders, cashier's checks are no longer accepted. Cash is not accepted. Full weekly fees are charged for school weeks, which include holidays. If a holiday, long day or snow day occurs on a fee collection day, an extra day of fee collection will be added without penalty.

Late Payment Penalties

Weekly fees are due by Monday at 6 p.m. for the week of care (unless your child is absent). If fees for the week have not been paid on Monday, a $5 late fee is assessed.  Payments can be made on-line any day however the $5 late fee will still be assessed for payments received after 6 p.m. on Monday. If payment has not been made by 6 p.m. the following Monday the child will not be allowed to attend ASEP effective Tuesday. The child cannot be re-enrolled in any ASEP program until full payment of the balance due has been made. A $47 registration fee is due at re-enrollment.

Early Release Days

CMS believes the practice of early release days to support instructional planning and teacher professional development is an integral part of helping every student to be academically successful. CMS will start its After School Enrichment Programs three hours earlier than usual and end them at their normal times. During the 2019-2020 school year, these days are October 16, January 8, March 4 and April 29.  Families wishing to register for early release days only will be required to pay the $47 registration fee and complete a registration form. The fee for early release days is $25 per day per student. Space is available on a first come first served basis.  Before School only parents at middle school programs can register students at a neighboring program at no additional charge.

Full weekly fees are charged for school weeks with holidays. Before-school care children have no additional fees for full-day programming on workdays. Winter and Spring Break (Optional Care): $25/day per child.

The ASEP Family Guidelines in their entirety are available for parents on the ASEP website.