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We provide world language instruction to help students to develop the ability to communicate with native speakers of the language of study.
Other goals include:
  1. Developing a greater appreciation of the culture(s) associated with the language of study.

  2. Providing interdisciplinary connections to many co-curricular areas such as the arts, mathematics and the social and environmental sciences.

  3. Preparing students to actively participate in the global community.

  4. Building literacy skills for use in any language.

CMS has been designated A Global Communicators Program District for Excellence in the Study of World Languages by the North Carolina in the World Organization.
The following links are resources for many languages:
  • Accent marks
  • Alien Language
  • Conjuguemos
  • Fodors
  • Omniglot
  • Prentice Hall World Language Websites
  • Study Stack
  • Vokabel
  • Walking around Europe
For additional links in each language, choose your language page from the menu on the left. There are many valuable practice activities and resources. Occasionally, you may encounter a spelling or grammatical error. We are not responsible for the errors on any sites outside of CMS Pages.
If you encounter a site that is not appropriate, please contact us!

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