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Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The CMS Student Assistance Program (SAP) provides supports to students with known or suspected substance use challenges. The program is made-up of a team of counselors with specialized training in substance use prevention and intervention. Students may be referred by school administrators, school counselors, social workers, and school psychologists. Also, parents may contact the Student Assistance Program if they are concerned about their children. Finally, students may self-refer.
All services delivered by SAP counselors are free. The goal of the program is to provide students and families with early intervention services for the purpose of preventing the development of more significant substance abuse challenges that could have life-long implications. In the event that a student's substance-related needs are more severe than what can be addressed through the SAP, counselors will support the family in identifying community resources such as drug treatment programs.
In addition to receiving referrals for students at the time that school staff or parents become aware of possible substance use, the Student Assistance Program can also provide transitional and follow-along support for students returning to school following the completion of a drug treatment program.
SAP services are highly confidential. Referrals to the program are not documented in the student's electronic record (PowerSchool), and they are not documented in the student's paper record. The SAP maintains its' records separate from general CMS records in compliance with federal statutes that give substance abuse treatment documentation a higher degree of confidentiality than many other services.