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Welcome to Programs for Exceptional Children

If you have questions regarding your child’s IEP and services, contact the Programs for Exceptional Children Office.
We look forward to speaking with you!

Our Vision

Programs for Exceptional Children positively impact academic and social outcomes for students with disabilities so they can be productive citizens.

Our Mission

Programs for Exceptional Children promote success for students with disabilities, their families, staff and community to achieve positive post-secondary outcomes.

What do we do?

  • Provide the full continuum of services to students with disabilities, based on individual needs.
  • Demonstrate commitment and dedication to ensure access to the general curriculum.
    • Provide information regarding curriculum options for students with disabilities
    • Implement various grants in cooperation with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte that address the Extensions of the Common Core Standards.
    • Provide information about the implementation of inclusive practices as a service delivery model.
  • Develop individualized student plans as determined by data collection.
  • Apply research based interventions and methodology.
  • Encourage parent participation in the team process of individual program development as well as involvement in school-related activities. 
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