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The Service Learning website is a comprehensive service learning site for CMS students, staff, and parents. Teachers and students can find a topic of interest and check out related service possibilities, identify a project on which they would like to collaborate, or propose a project. Parents can help their students find service projects to meet their class or curriculum  requirements.

Remember that service learning does not only mean volunteering! It can also be building awareness around an issue, or advocating for an idea or for others who need a voice.  Think about how you can make an impact on the community issue you choose.



The Community

Communities benefit from volunteerism in so many ways.

  • Problems are solved by interested stakeholders.
  • The members of the community bond and work collaboratively.
  • The larger general population becomes aware of and helps address the needs of the smaller community.
  • Communities develop a shared vision of their future and work toward making life better.


The Volunteer

Volunteers benefit intrinsically from community service in sometimes unexpected ways.

  • Develop a work ethic to see a project through to the end.
  • Broaden their perspective of the world and its diverse and inclusive citizens.
  • Discover hidden talents and interests.
  • Uncover biases, dislikes, and aversions.
  • Grow character by focusing on others.
  • Learn to interact with diverse people.
  • Discover the intrinsic rewards of a job well done.
  • Build stamina to solve difficult problems.
  • Develop leadership, communication, and management skills
  • Build teamwork and organizational skills
  • Build confidence in your own ideas and abilities.


Watch a video below about CMS Seniors talking about their Graduation Projects...