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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Police Department is devoted to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for students and staff.  Provide support to the superintendent and sustain a partnership with school officials.  CMSPD  will collaborate with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies while protecting life, property and maintaining order while assuring fair and equal treatment to everyone.


History of CMS Police Department

The Security Department of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools was established in 1970.  The officers of the security department were and have always been sworn Law Enforcement Officers with the power of arrest and territorial jurisdiction throughout Mecklenburg County, first through the auspices of the Sheriff of Mecklenburg County and then through the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.  On June 9, 2009, Senate Bill 270 and House Bill 538 passed through the North Carolina Senate allowing the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board of Education to maintain a Campus Police Agency, thus changing the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Law Enforcement Department to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Police Department (CMSPD).  North Carolina General Statute 115C-47.1 provides for CMSPD the authority to act as a criminal justice agency. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is the first public school system in North Carolina to have its own Police Department.

The responsibilities of the CMSPD is to provide Law Enforcement Services to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, which includes all public schools and property owned or leased by the Board of Education.  The CMSPD is staffed by a Chief, Deputy Chief, 4 Detectives, 14 School Resource Officers , Dispatchers, Alarm Technicians and Administrative Staff.  CMSPD officers concentrate their efforts at all elementary schools and Board Property and  through an agreement with local police agencies all Middle Schools and High Schools are staffed with a School Resource Officer (SRO), from which the jurisdiction the school resides.
Police Department, CMS
4335 Stuart Andrew Blvd. 
Charlotte, NC 28217
Phone: 980-343-6030
Fax: 980-343-6033
Melissa Mangum
Chief of Police