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Licensure ensures that children in our school system are served by educators with the knowledge and skills to deliver a sound educational program. Licensure also assures that professional school personnel engage in ongoing staff development activities that help them continually improve the overall quality of Education in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

Employees of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools are required by the State Board of Education to hold an appropriate license for the subject, grade level, or assignment taught. It is important to note that licensure requirements are dictated by this state, and the Local Educational Agency (LEA) must comply with these regulations.

If you have not done so already, you are required to file your licensure application packet within 30 days of employment. The following items are required: 

  • Application for a North Carolina Teacher License 

  • Legible official transcript(s) that show the type of degree(s) you were awarded and the date awarded 

  • Certificates or licenses held in other states (a license in another state does not preclude your having to meet North Carolina requirements) 

  • Verification by Institution (To be completed by institution where any/all advanced degrees were received, i.e., masters, advanced, doctorate) 

  • NTE/PRAXIS Tests (If scores are not available, appropriate tests should be taken at the first available opportunity, but no later than March of the first year of employment.) For some core subject areas, the test will be required before you are eligible for a position. 

  • Verification of Experience 

  • Processing fee of $85 made payable to North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

It is critical that you complete your licensure requirements as early as possible. Licensure application packets can be downloaded from the State Department web site at

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Please consult the following spreadsheet to find the licensure case manager assigned to your school.