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Key Points


  • Committee that is comprised of teachers, administrators, central office, parents, students, BOE member and community members drafts several options then selects two best calendars for each year
  • Feedback gathered from teachers, administrators, and leadership
  • Necessary modifications to draft calendars are made
  • Poll for all employees to state their preference between the two
  • Poll for community members to state their preference between the two
    • (internal and external polls run concurrently)
  • Poll results provided to Superintendent
  • Recommendation to the Board of Education for approval


NC Law: General Statute Section § 115C-84.2

  • 215 days total
  • 185 instructional days or 1025 instructional hours
  • 10 annual leave days
  • 11 holidays
    • Veteran’s Day must be a holiday
  • May not start prior to the Monday closest to August 26
  • May not close after the Friday closest to June 11
  • Teacher workdays as designated by the Board of Education
    • At least 2 optional workdays for accumulated leave


CMS Policy and Regulation ICA

  • Consistent with N.C. law
  • Specifies use of teacher workdays
  • Addresses holidays, severe weather make-up days, Election Day, religious holidays and graduation requirements


Instructional Focus

  • Maintain instructional focus
    • Minimize loss of instructional time, plan uninterrupted “chunks” of learning time
  • Be mindful of testing considerations
    • 4x4 classes can only be tested during the last 5 days of the semester in which they are taught
    • Yearlong classes can only be tested in the last 10 days of the school year
  • Maximize use of teacher workdays
  • Avoid days with high absenteeism


Other Considerations

  • Aim to recognize major religious holidays representing diversity of community so as to minimize staff and student absenteeism (Policy ACD prohibits major tests or events on religious holidays when students are in school.
  • Aim to place make-up days where they are likely to be needed
    • Use workdays after the close of school as last resort
    • Recognize cutting into spring break is painful
  • Recognize need for winter break to be as long as possible
  • Give consideration to federal holidays
  • Recognize the timing of spring break