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How We Develop the Calendar

A committee of parents, teachers, students, principals, administrators and community members convenes annually to draft and recommend two proposed calendars. Both must meet the following requirements:

215 Total Employment Days:

The entire school calendar is 215 days, including school days, teacher workdays, annual leave days and holidays.

185 Total Days of instruction or 1,025 hours of instruction:

There must be 185 instructional or student days or 1025 instructional hours, which may start no sooner than the Monday closest to August 26 and end no later than the Friday closest to June 11.

Teacher Workdays

Teacher workdays are included in the calendar and are non-instructional days for students. Workdays may be used for planning or professional development. For more information on workdays, click here to see the CMS Regulation.

11 Holidays

Veterans Day must be a holiday; the others are discretionary. July 4 is a 12th holiday for 12-month employees. For more information about holidays, click here to see the CMS Regulation.

10 Annual Leave Days

CMS must schedule 10 annual leave (vacation) days for teachers.

Other Considerations

Within these parameters, the committee strives to create calendars that focus on academics focus and maximize instruction. Breaks are scheduled so that teachers and students have consecutive days off in the winter and spring.

The committee also considers:

  • Avoiding days when high absenteeism is likely such as major religious holidays.
  • Placing make-up days where they are likely to be needed, and using workdays and days after June 10 as last resort. Also, recognizing that cutting into winter and spring break is not optimal.
  • Recognizing the need for winter break to be as long as possible.
  • Giving consideration to federal holidays
  • Planning the timing of spring break


After the Calendar Committee recommends two calendars, employees and community members have an opportunity to indicate their preference in an online poll.

The poll results and recommendations are given to the superintendent, who analyzes the results and makes a final recommendation to the Board of Education, which votes on the calendar.

If you would like to receive information about serving on the Calendar Committee, please click here. (create and link)