Getting results

Hough High band director Robert Carrington didn’t feel well when he arrived at school Oct. 2, but his spirits got a boost from a surprise visit at the end of second block.

Carrington was recognized by reporter Lindsay Clein as one of FOX 46’s Teachers Getting Results. He received a trophy, balloons and cookies for his students, who cheered loudly when the news was announced.

“So, this is really you guys,” Carrington said to the class. “I’m in a state of shock.”

Carrington has been band director at Hough since the school opened in 2010 and is in his 22nd year with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. In addition to the marching band, he works with concert groups, the jazz band and a new trumpet chorus, along with teaching music theory and piano.

“Music’s been my constant companion my entire life,” said Carrington, whose interest in music began at age 3. “I am blessed to work with so many different kids from all walks of life. I’m always learning something, every day is new, and working with kids – they make it so easy.”

Sophomore Caleb Collins nominated Carrington for the honor. Caleb, a trumpet player who has been in band since sixth grade, said Carrington has given him courage to try new things.

“Mr. Carrington has encouraged all of us,” Caleb said. “He dedicates all his time to us and built this awesome program.”

Hough had just won first place in a band competition at Maiden High School the previous weekend. Carrington said it is rewarding when he sees students struggling, then “instantaneously, they get it.” But the most important thing, he said, is for them to learn teamwork, leadership and become good citizens.